Diesel Outboard Motors

Reliability, Strength and Endurance

A modern outboard engine nowadays has to comply with strict requirements, especially in respect of commercial applications. Besides the priority of safety on board, efficiency and economical aspects are most important.


A fisherman expects reliable performance and efficiency during his day-to-day business. Stable performance is funda- mentally required in case of emergency for police and military forces as well as for the use of tender boats of cruise liners and container ships.


Particularly for charter businesses safety and low operational cost are essential. The boats have to run reliably during the in general short season. If required an outboard is changed quickly and the client can go on with his boat trip.

Turbocharger Series

Turbocharger 3L/hour

Turbocharger 4,5L/hour

150HP Turbocharger 5L/hour


The fuel efficiency of the turbocharged diesel engine ensures higher range compared to a gasoline power unit and requires less stops to refuel. The outstanding efficiency and the fuel prices make the Quantum Outboard Motors engine pay off rapidly.


Traditionally diesel is the fuel in marine. Thus the usage of diesel assures ideal logistics and great reliability during operation – particularly on boats made for outboards! In addition the inflammability of diesel is by far much less than of gasoline which, regarding the fuel storage on board, offers a great benefit for safety and expense.


As no high voltage ignition system is used on a diesel engine the Quantum Outboard Motors is particular in areas which are critical in respect to flammability, like oilfields. Areas which up to now were unreachable for outboard engines.